Anti Slip Strips are an effective Health and Safety measure

A requirement by Occupational Health and Safety Officers is to help mitigate risk and reduce slip fall accidents in the workplace. The application of Anti Slip strips is one of your most quick, simple and effective Health and Safety measures that can be undertaken.

anti slip strips for steps

Anti slip strips for steps

By installing anti slip strips on the nose of your steps provides several safety advantages as well as helping to ensure your stairs are kept in a good condition, which is essential to your corporate Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies.

Consider this, as the global markets contract, the real fact is, staffing numbers are being reduced. Your key personnel are invaluable but what if one of you key staff where to slip and injure themselves? You could find a trip and fall accident would have a real impact on your business productivity, not to mention your monthly insurance payments.

Anti slip strips can provide a visual and tactile reference to stair edges

People are naturally far less likely to trip on stairs when they can clearly see and feel the edge of the steps. In fact the British Health and Safety Executive recommends a 30% visual difference at the nose of the steps for easy identification by people whom are partially sighted.

Where there is no visual indication of the stair edge, the eye cannot asses the length of the tread nor the height of each step and this could cause accidents. Why leave OHS to chance?

Occupational Health and Safety does not need to be complicated

No one should be injured at their work just because they slipped on the slippery wooden stairs or tiled steps. By following basic stair safety as well as installing anti slip nose strips for steps from, not only will the nose of the stairs be protected from cracking and chipping but the anti slip strips will provide a clear visual and tactile reference to the edge of the step. You will be surprised at the reassuring grip that our anti-slip strips offer too.

Take a safer step! Make your workplace a safer place to be. Contact us now by completing the contact form and we will contact you or by calling and let’s assist your OHS strategy by improving your stair safety and reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents.


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