Anti-Slip Tape For Baths – An effective slip reduction solution.

As a facilities manager of a hotel or residence, you have a responsibility to the guests or residents. Slip accidents from bath tubs is a regular issue and it can be so easily addressed.

Anti-slip Bath Tape

Anti-slip Bath Tape

It’s a clear (almost invisible) tape that is not abrasive on the skin. This anti-slip tape is especially made for reducing accidents in the bathroom or sauna – an invisible grip making it safe to step in and out of the bath or sauna room.

Clear Bath Tape

This clear bath tape is foot friendly and non-abrasive to skin while being hygienic, easy to clean and mildew resistant. Just think of the added safety you will be offering to your residents and guests! There are other anti slip tapes you could consider for many areas of your leisure complexes to help reduce risk to staff and guests.

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