Anti Slip Tile Treatments Shouldn’t Be Confused With Coating Products

These anti-slip solutions should not be confused with coating products that sit on top of tiles. Anti-slip coatings wear off and leave you with the same problem of slippery wet tiles.

Anti Slip Tile Treatment Process

Anti Slip Tile Treatment Process

The more advanced solutions ensure maximum grip that increases with an increase in water or fluid, effectively making them safer as more water accumulates. Where the anti-slip paints and anti-skid varnishes sit on the surface of the tiles, this anti slip solution reacts with the silicates in the surface of the tile.

The idea is to keep the solution on the peaks of the “hills”, rather than the valleys, that are naturally formed during the baking process of the tiles. The application process will widen and deepen the microscopic pores.  When the tile is slippery with water, your shoe or bare foot squashes the water out of the pore and grips to the surface just like a tire does to a wet road thus reducing the likelihood of a slip.

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