Anti-Slip Tile Treatment

An Anti Slip tile treatment from is an amazing solution in that it makes floors tiles non-slip when wet. In fact, the wetter the floor, the better Non-Slip’s anti slip tile treament works!

Non-Slip's Anti Slip tile treatment for Slippery Tiles
Non-Slip's Anti Slip tile treatment from for Slippery Tiles

Non-Slip’s Anti Slip tile treatment does not change the appearance of the tiles but makes them safer. The best part of the anti slip tile treatment is the price is far less compared to ripping up and replacing your carefully chosen, beautiful and often expensive colour coordinated tiles.

Most Tiles Are Slippery When Wet

In fact most tiles are slippery when wet and by using to apply Non-Slip’s Anti Slip tile treatment, will allow you to keep your tiles by making them safer. DON’T spend your time and money recovering from a nasty slip on the stoep or from slipping by the pool. Bathroom and shower areas can be LETHAL too, especially where there is soap and water together with BARE FEET.

The Non-slip Anti-Slip benefit to your family.

The Anti Slip Tile Treatment applied by will be a benefit to your family, friends and staff. We believe that prevention by having your tiles “anti slipped” is better that waiting for a slip accident to happen in you house. will give you an on-site assessment and demonstration on one of YOUR tiles so you can see the anti-slip effects first hand. You will then be able to make an informed decision about having your tiles treated.

You will need to call Anne on 021 855 1509 to discuss your problem and book a date for us to help you.