Slip Safety For Slippery Kitchen Tiles – with added benefits!

From time to time we get enquiries regarding the impact of our anti slip tile treatment products and hygiene. Clearly cleanliness is 100% important particularly in kitchens and food processing, so what is the impact?

Once the tile treatment has done it’s job and created microscopic tread patterns just below the surface of your slippery tiles, all residue is washed off. In addition, it is odourless clear chemical, so will not affect your food production from the kitchens.

Food Production from Kitchens
Food Production from Kitchens

Good news is that there is zero impact! Think about it – the solution (slightly acidic) is applied to the slippery floor area that is to be treated. Once it has done it’s job and created microscopic tread patterns just below the glazed surface of your tiles, all residue is washed off. In addition, it is odourless clear chemical, so will not affect your food production.

Slippery Floor Surfaces caused by Soapy Residues

There is no need to leave any residue and the area treated is washed with clean water. It is harmless from a contamination perspective during the application process. Unlike cleaning materials that leave a residue the surface will remain clean and remember this is not a coating so there will be nothing left.

Typically there are usually more residues and bacteria in kitchens from old spills of food or liquids and also as mentioned, from cleaning products which tend to stay on the surface.

For peace of mind this identical application has been used effectively in many high street globally branded restaurants and fast food chains alongside the kitchens of 5 star luxury global brands.

When you assign you will be ensuring that not only will your environment be clean but there will be slip reduction also! Call us now on 021 855 1509 or fill in the enquiry form here.

Hidden Costs With Slip Accidents On Slippery Floors

You really won’t want to go legal because of the financial implications (even if you win!) – however there are significant hidden costs associated with slip accidents on slippery floors.

Some may only be a niggle but other litigation could have a dramatic impact on your staff but also could seriously effect on how you run your business – or if you have a business after the legal wrangles!

Hidden Costs With Slip Accidents
Hidden Costs With Slip Accidents On Slippery Floors

What You Won’t Want To Read!

Consideration should be given to the following:-

  • Workers compensation
  • The time to process and manage the injury
  • Increased workloads for other staff to perform the injured persons work
  • Loss of expertise and necessary skills
  • Additional training for staff (possible temporary)
  • The recruitment of temporary staff
  • Decreased productivity
  • Human suffering and associated pain
  • 95% of slip and trip accidents result in broken bones – that’s usually a lot of pain!
  • Your time to develop a legal defense
  • Costs associated with any legal challenge
  • Adverse publicity
  • COMPENSATION – ouch!

It is however likely that your internal Health & Safety officer (OHS) /Building Manager has already agreed to make sure that slip accidents at work are eliminated. Take positive action by assigning to undertake this work, you will ensure that slip related accidents are no longer happening.

Make Slip Fall Accidents From Slippery Floor Surfaces History!

By now makes so much sense, so call Anne on 021 855 1509 for an initial discussion, then book a date. Remember that tiles have an appetite all of their own and slip related accidents are on the increase – take action now and make slip related accidents history.

Anti-Slip Tape for slippery steps and slippery ramps

An adhesive backed Anti-Slip Tape which is ideal for use on ramps, loading bays, ladders, steps, walkways and slippery floors

You will need Anti-Slip Tape to help reduce accidents where-ever you have slippery steps, slippery tiled or epoxied ramps, loading bays, ladder rungs, steel plates and walkways. Consider where your staff or visitors tend to slip then you need to apply this adhesive backed Anti-Slip Grit Tape.

Antislip Tape - 50mm and 100mm widths.
Antislip Tape - 50mm and 100mm widths.

Anti-Slip Tape by comes in rolls of 10m or 18.3 meters with widths of 50mm to 300mm. The anti-slip tape provides an immediate, quick to install and low-cost solution which helps to reduce the risk of slips and falls in the workplace, warehouse, farm processing facilities or factory.

The antislip tape comes in Black Grit, Yellow and Black Chevron Grit or clear “Sand” grit tape at varying widths as show below.

Anti-slip Tape – Black Grit

  • 50mm x 18.3m,50mm x 10m
  • 100mm x 18.3m,100mm x 10m
  • 150mm x 18.3m,150mm x 10m
  • 300mm x 10m

Anti-slip Tape – Clear Grit

  • 50mm x 18.3m

Anti-slip Black and Yellow Chevron Grit Tape

  • 50mm x 10m, 50mm x 10m
Anti Slip Grit Tape Collection

Simply clean the area ready to install the tape. The anti slip tape is already adhesive backed with a pressure sensitive glue, so all you have to do is peel off the backing strip and then lay or stick the tape in the desired position. Then walk all over it to get a good bond or seal to the substrait. It’s that easy!

By calling on 021 855 1509 or filling in the form we will return your call or email rapidly and get the tape to you quickly.

Swimming Pool Tiles And Walkways No Longer Slippery When Wet!

If your swimming pool area has not been treated it probably is a liability because untreated areas are slippery. The risk increases dramatically when tiles are wet and that’s when slip and fall accidents happen.

Imagine walking around a pool that has smooth, slippery tiles – particularly when there is water splashed alongside, you have to be very, very careful. For some, these slippery areas are a huge liability particularly for younger childeren or if you are older.

Swimming Pool Tiled Areas
Swimming Pool Tiled Areas


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Slippery Floor Tiles – We reveal how we get a grip on it!

Slippery floor tiles are a hazard that can, in most cases, be avoided through an amazing solution that is applied into the pores of a tile. So when your shoe or bare foot makes contact with a wet slippery tile, the water is actually ‘pushed’ out of the pores resulting in mini suction caps being created.

For several years companies and householders have been complaining about floor tiles that are very slippery. One very expensive solution would be to remove the tiles and put new anti-slip tiles in place – but this option

Get a grip on your slippery floor tiles
Get a grip on your slippery floor tiles

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