Liability Insurance Protection Cancelled Because of Slippery Steps

Steps are notoriously dangerous when wet and resulting accidents due to slippery steps can create seriously undesirable results including the withdrawal of insurance and the possibility of costly litigation.

Anti-slip Tape Restores Insurance Cover

Anti-slip Tape Restores Insurance Cover

Have you had your liability insurance suspended due to a few steps that could become slippery when wet from the morning dew or simply a sea mist rolling in from the bay? If this did happen to you how much would that impact your business should someone claim against you?

A recent client told us that although the steps had been used for several years, an insurance inspector immediately suspended the insurance for their up market bed and breakfast – simply because 13 wooden steps leading to the sun deck may become a slip hazard for their guests. His fear was that a guest might slip coming down the steps and make an insurance claim. Insurance companies are tightening up on their exposure to this type of slip related risk.

Fortunately helped restore their Liability Insurance Protection rapidly after we installed our anti-slip tape on to the leading edge of their wooden steps. This ensured that they immediately reduced their risk of an accident and that they complied with the safety levels sought by the insurance company. The 50mm anti-slip tape application effectively ended this slip hazard to the complete satisfaction of their insurance company resulting in the re-instatment of their policy before anyone slipped.

Why wait for your business to fail an insurance inspection – or worse why wait and become embroiled in costly litigation before you act?

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