wishes you a Happy and Hazard Free New Year wishes all our past and future clients a safe and prosperous New Year. What is your New Year’s resolution for your work place as you consider your staff, clients and the coming year?

Enjoy A Safe, Slip Free, New Year

Enjoy A Safe, Slip Free, New Year

With safety on the minds of everyone, need we remind you that Non-Slip stocks anti slip tapes and other safety grip type products, which can help reduce hazards in the work place. Why wait until that dreadful scene happens and then your insurance company jacks up your premiums because you know they never bring the premiums down again! That is certainly something to consider.

We can help, where ever you are in Africa or South Africa (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Kimberly or Bloemfontein), we can supply your anti slip product needs buy Post, Courier or Standard Airfreight so you can get the job done and reduce your risk.

Let’s discuss your requirements by phoning now or fill in the contact form so you can “take a safer step” this year.


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