Now You Can Reduce Accidents Associated with Slippery Tiled Floors

When you assign you would have taken a major step in ensuring the proactive safety of everyone at your office, hotel or business – inside or outside. The good news is that can undertake this work quickly and professionally with little or no disruption and immediate results.

You Can Reduce Accidents On Shiny Floor Tiles

You Can Reduce Accidents On Shiny Floor Tiles

When you assign you will benefit from:-

  • A slip resistant procedure (not a coating that will wear off) that is globally proved tried and tested
  • An easy way to reduce or eliminate risk associated with slip accidents in the workplace
  • An immediate solution guaranteed for two years (in an industrial/commercial environment) that also give you peace of mind
  • A best practice and proactive solution undertaking for your staff’s health and safety
  • Without staff you do not have a company. Given that everyone from employees, customers or visitors who walk on your tiled surfaces you definitely want to ensure their safety.

Today in a legally led world, many lawyers now represent clients on a no win no fee basis. Do you really have an appetite for pointless litigation? We are currently experiencing a significant increase in risk that you the employer must accept (health & safety). Remember, if you ever did go to court the onus would be on you to prove that you adopted best practice. YOU clearly have a responsibility to ensure that there is adequate safety for staff, visitors and the general public. Doing nothing and waiting until an accident occurs is unacceptable. Why wait for litigation when you could be indemnified because now you can make slip and fall accidents at work history!

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