Safety Tapes

Here is a expanding range of self adhesive safety tapes to enhance employee and customer safety by! You can buy one roll or buy the whole box of safety grit tape because we know no matter how small or big you are – safety is important!

The Anti-slip Tape Range
The Anti-slip Tape Range

Why not take the proactive approach to safety by reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace and install the following safety tapes, from Safety zoning tape, Hazard Tape to anti-skid tapes, while at the same time highlighting areas of safety with photoluminescence tape.

  • Safety Grit Tape
  • Safety Grit Tape is ideal for quick resolutions of problematic slippery ramps, steps and steel steps used for fire exits. This PVC backed grit tape moulds well to tiles and flat aluminium or steel. Conformable tape is a foil backed tape that bonds well to ridged aluminium or steel chequer plate and ladder rungs.

  • Chevron Anti Slip Grit Tape
  • The Chevron Anti Slip Grit Tape is a high visibility warning tape with anti slip properties. As the name implies, it is an anti slip grit tape with black and yellow markings.

  • Photo Luminescent Grit Tape
  • Taking your safety to the next level so you staff and customers can still see the edge of the steps in the case of emergency evacuations, consider the use of Photo Luminescent Grit Tapes. When the lights go off, this grit tape will highlight the steps making it easier to safely exit out of the building.

  • Clear Grit Tapes and the embossed Aqua Tape for Bathrooms.
  • Here we show you the difference between the clear grit tape and the vinyl embossed aqua tape. The clear or transparent grit tape is ideal for your glass or wooden steps while the Aqua tape is an embossed Vinyl tape with no grit, it’s like a bumpy plastic and easier on the bare feet or socks!

  • Demarcation or Boundary Marking Tape
  • This demarcation or boundary marking tape (floor marking tape) is for marking off floor areas for safety zoning. Demarcation tape can be used around dangerous appliances or machinery to mark off the safety zones. Use the floor marking take for social distancing as a result of CoVID19.

    floor-marking tapes covid
    Floor-marking (Demarcation) tapes

    Consider highlighting fire fighting equipment and other emergency zones in red demarcation tape. What about proactive caution by highlighting the safety way for fork-lift movement zones. This is a “floor marking safety zoning tape” and has no grit – as such it is not a “grit tape”!

Remember, all these options can be supplied and fitted for you too!

Call Anne on 021 855 1509 or contact us to find out more about the Saftey Grip Tapes, clear tapes and demarcation or boundary marking tapes.