Demarcation or Floor-marking Tape

This demarcation or boundary marking tape is a adhesive backed PVC floor tape with a rubber surface which is used for demarcating areas for general industry, warehousing, Gyms like Virgin Active and other leisure facilities to mark off safety zones, movement zones, assembly areas and aisles. The floor-marking tape does not have a gritted surface.

Floor marking Safety Tapes for Safety Zones

Consider using the boundary or demarcation tape for highlighting fire fighting equipment and other emergency zones or around dangerous appliances or machinery. What about proactive cautionary steps by highlighting the safety way for fork-lift movement zones in warehousing, using the yellow demarcation or floor-marking tape.

You can purchase this adhesive backed boundary or floor-marking tape in a variety of colours, like red, blue, green and yellow, as well as red/white, green/white and the internationally recognised yellow/black combinations.

  • Colour Width x Length
  • Black/yellow 50mm x 33m
  • Blue 50mm x 33m
  • Red 50mm x 33m
  • Green 50mm x 33m
  • Yellow 50mm x 33m
  • White 50mm x 33m
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Floor-marking (Demarcation) tapes

The advantage of demarcation floor marking tape is the quick and immediate installation onto clean surfaces. Unlike paint, traffic can transverse the tape without having to sit and wait for it to dry.  All our floor and aisle demarcation tapes come in 33m rolls and can be despatched to you quickly.

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