Slip Safety For Slippery Kitchen Tiles – with added benefits!

From time to time we get enquiries regarding the impact of our products and hygiene. Clearly cleanliness is 100% important particularly in kitchens and food processing, so what is the impact?

Food Production from Kitchens

Food Production from Kitchens

Good news is that there is zero impact! Think about it – the solution (slightly acidic) is applied to the slippery floor area that is to be treated. Once it has done it’s job and created microscopic tread patterns just below the glazed surface of your tiles, all residue is washed off. In addition, it is odourless clear chemical, so will not affect your food production.

Slippery Floor Surfaces caused by Soapy Residues

There is no need to leave any residue and the area treated is washed with clean water. It is harmless from a contamination perspective during the application process. Unlike cleaning materials that leave a residue the surface will remain clean and remember this is not a coating so there will be nothing left.

Typically there are usually more residues and bacteria in kitchens from old spills of food or liquids and also as mentioned, from cleaning products which tend to stay on the surface.

For peace of mind this identical application has been used effectively in many high street globally branded restaurants and fast food chains alongside the kitchens of 5 star luxury global brands.

When you assign you will be ensuring that not only will your environment be clean but there will be slip reduction also! Call us now on or fill in the enquiry form here.


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