Slippery Floor Tiles – We reveal how we get a grip on it!

For several years companies and householders have been complaining about floor tiles that are very slippery. One very expensive solution would be to remove the tiles and put new anti-slip tiles in place – but this option

Get a grip on your slippery floor tiles

Get a grip on your slippery floor tiles

is usually dismissed because of huge costs and then subsequently eliminated because of both time, the labour and the interference that occurs when lifting and refitting the new tiles. Not only can the operation be dangerous but it is time consuming, disruptive and expensive.

Slippery floor tiles are a hazard that can, in most cases, be avoided through an amazing solution that is applied into the pores of a tile. So when your shoe or bare foot makes contact with a wet slippery tile, the water is actually ‘pushed’ out of the pores resulting in mini suction caps being created helping to prevent you from slipping. Think of it working like your car tires on a wet slippery road. Remarkably, the wetter the floor tile the better the slip resistance grip!

When you assign Non-Slip they will test a sample tile, to determine what strength of the solution which should be used. This is very important as solution that is too diluted means the tile will not offer the grip and too strong a mixture might mean that the surface of the tile could be damaged. Once this test has been completed and an appropriate strength of solution achieved the tiled areas will be treated. The treated areas are processed for approximately an hour then the tiles can be walked on immediately.

The treated floor tiles will not need to be replaced or re-treated for a minimum of 2 years in a commercial environment and it will more than likely be OK for up to 5 years. After the anti-slip application anyone trying to skid or slip on these treated floor tiles will be in for a shock as the effect is rather like ABS braking in a vehicle – whichever way you look at it, the results are impressive!

Getting a grip on slippery floor tiles is easy when you take care and assign a professional company, like Non-Slip by phoning or email here to improve your floor safety.


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