Slippery Tile Anti-Slip Treatment Information

The anti-slip tile treatment increases the slip resistance of all types of tiles and smooth or floated concrete surfaces, reducing the likelihood of slip related accidents. delivers an anti-slip tile treatment (not a coating that will wear off) for tile, marble, terrazzo and concrete products. The treatment increases the slip resistance of all types of tiles and smooth or floated concrete surfaces, reducing the likelihood of slip related accidents.

Tiled Floors in the Leisure Industry
Tiled Floors in the Leisure Industry

This treatment works just below the surface of the tile and changes the molecular structure of the tile without changing the appearance or colour.

A Non Toxic, Anti Slip, Safe Solution

It is a non toxic, safe solution that can be used almost anywhere. It is in use at;

  • Hospitals
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Swimming pools
  • Slippery floors
  • And on tiles anywhere.

Because of today’s high reliance on the legal system, when a fall occurs in a slippery area many companies are finding themselves involved in costly litigation. Insurance premiums are increasing due to these large number of court cases relating to people slipping on tiled floors.

Owners of commercial, industrial and residential property are now having to pay higher insurance premiums as a direct result of expensive compensation claims.

Companies are now having to solve problems relating to slip incidents by adopting a “prevention is better than cure” approach. can immediately solves this dilemma by working with architects and builders who can now specify Non-Slip treatments to tiled surfaces.

Slip Falls From Slippery Floors – Benefits of taking positive action

Now you can reduce the cost of down time due to injuries at work. Safety is not just a nice to have, it is essential, as is the safety of the Public in all areas where there could be slippery floor surfaces.

Visitors and staff should not need to worry about where they can or cannot walk because of the danger and impact that a slippery tiled surface creates.

A application will immediately deliver peace of mind for everyone by providing the smooth surfaces with outstanding grip yet not compromising the look of the tiled surface. Owners subsequently benefit after treatment from an immediate reduction in slip related accidents and therefore enjoy peace of mind.

As a home owner your floor tiles are no longer slippery when either wet or dry! This means that you can now feel more safe and reduce or even eliminate slip related accidents forever – particularly around a swimming pool or linked walkway where children can easily slip.

Anti Slip Safety treatment for Tile and Concrete is cost efficient tile and concrete Anti Slip Safety treatment is a cost efficient and effective method that works and delivers outstanding results immediately. Now you won’t need to go to the expense of removing the troublesome slippery tiled floors and replacing them with non-slip flooring, because slippery floors are history. provide a 4 year guarantee on their non-slip treatments for private homes and 2 year guarantee for high tread count, commercial areas. Work can be carried out with minimum disruption to daily routines. Additionally the treated areas can be walked on immediately following the completion of work.

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