Fibreglass Strips

If you are looking for a more permanent solution than the anti slip tape, for your slippery ramps or dangerous steps, why not look into our range of fibreglass strips with either a fine or course surfaces?

Anti Slip Cleats and Strips for Decking and Steps

Anti Slip Cleats and Strips for Ramps, Decking and Steps

Safety Strips or Deck Cleats

The fibreglass safety strips come in 50mm, 100mm or 150mm widths and up to 2200mm long. You have a choice of either a fine grit surface (A60 grit) or a courser grit (A20 grit) for a better grip! Installation can be done with glue or screwed into place.

By using these anti slip fibreglass strips you can increase traction and reduce those slip accidents. Call now or contact us here to find out more about the Fibreglass Safety Grip Strips for decking, steps and concrete ramps.