Galvanised Stair Treads

Anti-slip galvanised stair treads with an A15 grit surface increases slip resistance in harsh and often wet conditions on offshore facilities such as support shipping, oil rigs and platforms. high friction anti-slip nosing and galvanised stair treads can be tack welded into position or supplied pre drilled to reduce your teams installation time in critical environments.


Galvanised Stair Tread with Reflector Hilights

Galvanised Safety Stair Treads for steel steps and ladders are manufactured to your requirements so they are easily installed as a retrofit item during refurbishment projects.

Typical properties of the Galvanised Stair Safety Treads

Below are the physical properties of the galvanised anti slip noseing and stair treads from the material data sheet.

  • 15 Mpa DIN 53455
  • 5% DIN 53455
  • 10Mpa DIN 53452
  • -30°C DIN 53372
  • No Shrinkage, outstanding insulation properties, excellent thermal and mechanical shock resistance.
  • 50 – 60°C
  • 300 – 400°C

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