Steel Nosing

Steel Stair Nosing which cover the edge of the step, can be manufactured with A15 to A20 course grit for industrial steps and ladders where rust or chemicalss could be an issue. These nosings come in various steel grades being 304, 3CR12 to 316 which can be tack-welded to existing structures in mining, shipping and oil businesses.

Steel Nosing For Industrial Steps

Steel Nosing For Industrial Steps and Steel Ladders

Typical physical properties of the galvanized steel nosing

Below are the physical properties of the steel anti slip nose cones from the material data sheet.

  • Tensile Strength : 15 Mpa DIN 53455
  • Elongation at break : 5% DIN 53455
  • Flexural Strength : 10Mpa DIN 53452
  • Low Temperature Failure Point : -30°C DIN 53372
  • Properties : No Shrinkage, outstanding insulation properties, excellent thermal and mechanical shock resistance.
  • Heat Distortion : 50 – 60°C
  • Ignition Temperature : 300 – 400°C

Steel stair nosing made to measure

Steel Nosing improves safety and extends life of current structures

By using steel nosing where the tread patterns have worn off on your current metal or steel steps, you can extend the life of the existing structures. Install the anti slip steel nosing simply by bolting or tack welding the nosing in place.

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