Stair Nosings – reduce slips and falls on stair edging

Stair nosings are cover strips which are laid over the leading edge or “nose” of a step. These stair nosings can have a dual purpose, not only being the reduction of slip and fall accidents but the protection of the stair edging from breakage or chipping too. stock two types of stair nosing being aluminium and fibreglass.

Aluminium and Fibreglass stair nosings

Aluminium and Fibreglass stair nosings

Aluminium Nosing

The aluminium nosing with a fibre glass grit inlay is ideal for office stair wells and steps. They are complimentary to your chrome fittings and balustrades. These aluminium stair edgings come in maximum length of 3 meter with a 45mm tread depth and 35mm drop that sits flush with the riser of the step.

Fibre Glass Nosing

The fibreglass version of the stair nosings is slightly more cost effective. These fibre glass nosings come with two grit types being the A20 which is course and ideal for industrial steps and the A60 grit which is finer and more suited for general public use. The maximum width for the fibreglass nosings is 2250mm with a tread depth of 100mm and a drop of 20mm against the riser.

Nosing With A Photoluminescence Strip For Added Safety

Why not consider the safety aspects because both the fibre glass and the aluminium stair edging can be ordered with a photoluminescence strip which charges under natural light or florescent tubes and remains visible for up to twelve hours of darkness. When there is a power failure or an emergency and the building has to be evacuated, these photoluminescence stair nosings will indicate where the edge of the steps are adding extra safety.  By installing these stair nosings you will not only increase the slip resistance at the edge of the step but provide a visual reference to the stair edge for partially sighted users too.

Stair Nosing Installations

Stair Nosing Installations

The aesthetics of the stair nosings speak for themselves – look at the photo above! In addition you can expect many years of use as they have withstood the tests in the mines, council water treatment plants, leading wine processors, sports stadiums and shopping malls in South Africa.

Why wait for a painful slip accident to happen on your steps?  For Non-Slip safety contact or book a meeting where we can present the stair nosing range to you.


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