Swimming Pool Tiles And Walkways No Longer Slippery When Wet!

Imagine walking around a pool that has smooth, slippery tiles – particularly when there is water splashed alongside, you have to be very, very careful. For some, these slippery areas are a huge liability particularly for younger childeren or if you are older.

Swimming Pool Tiled Areas

Swimming Pool Tiled Areas


Broken bones and twisted ankles, knocks on the head, chipped elbows and even broken limbs are a regular occurrence – these accidents are real and now can be prevented. Suddenly after treating the tiled areas there is little or no liability when walking.

Slip and Fall Accidents On pool Tiles

If your swimming pool area has not been treated it probably is a liability because untreated areas are slippery. The risk increases dramatically when the tiles are wet and that’s when slip and fall accidents happen. Many accidents are happening on a daily basis where adults and children are falling as a result of slippery, wet surfaces that are being walked on. Swimming pools should be a fun place but this has to be balanced with safety. Whether you are an adult or a child there is significant danger associated with tiling around pools!

Slippery Pool Tiles at Hotels and Spas

Most companies are aware of the risks but placing yellow warning signs around a pool at your favourite spa indicating that YOU must be careful is not good enough. In addition it would probably not be seen as ‘’best case/good practice’ – you have to take more action than that!

The Problem – The unique quality of the wet tiled pool deck area requires an additional coefficient of friction ( a way of measuring how slippery a surface is) so that when an application is applied by Non-Slip.co.za, floor surfaces are less slippery when wet. You already know that there will always be wet pool decks and therefore there is going to be an increased risk of slip and fall accidents so you must take action now!

Consideration of adjacent areas when treating slippery pool areas, include all areas that adjoin the pool / deck is paramount. You must have a cohesive plan to ensure that all areas are treated. These include welcome/reception areas, entrances, walkways, stoeps or verandas and virtually any other tiled area.

Although these areas may not always be wet, everyone who has been in the pool will have wet feet and they will be walking into these areas increasing the risk of slipping. Therefore these areas will naturally be slippery just like your pool deck.

Health and Safety considerations

In particular, at Spas and Hotel pools, Health and Safety considerations may require you to drain the pool to below the tiled walkway surface however these surfaces will become wet through walking and splashing and with use become slippery.

A reassuring slip free feel!

However with Non-Slip.co.za you can enjoy a remarkable slip free surface – particularly when wet. Once applied you will discover just how safe your pool area could be. Gone are the days when slipping and falling was general practice everything has moved on and now you do have choices. Once Non-Slip.co.za has been to treat the tiles around your pool, you will experience a reassuring slip free feel. Your friends, family or customers can relax and enjoy the pool knowing that it is safe because you have stepped up and taken action.

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