Hidden Costs With Slip Accidents On Slippery Floors

You really won’t want to go legal because of the financial implications (even if you win!) – however there are significant hidden costs associated with slip accidents on slippery floors.

Some may only be a niggle but other litigation could have a dramatic impact on your staff but also could seriously effect on how you run your business – or if you have a business after the legal wrangles!

Hidden Costs With Slip Accidents
Hidden Costs With Slip Accidents On Slippery Floors

What You Won’t Want To Read!

Consideration should be given to the following:-

  • Workers compensation
  • The time to process and manage the injury
  • Increased workloads for other staff to perform the injured persons work
  • Loss of expertise and necessary skills
  • Additional training for staff (possible temporary)
  • The recruitment of temporary staff
  • Decreased productivity
  • Human suffering and associated pain
  • 95% of slip and trip accidents result in broken bones – that’s usually a lot of pain!
  • Your time to develop a legal defense
  • Costs associated with any legal challenge
  • Adverse publicity
  • COMPENSATION – ouch!

It is however likely that your internal Health & Safety officer (OHS) /Building Manager has already agreed to make sure that slip accidents at work are eliminated. Take positive action by assigning Non-Slip.co.za to undertake this work, you will ensure that slip related accidents are no longer happening.

Make Slip Fall Accidents From Slippery Floor Surfaces History!

By now Non-Slip.co.za makes so much sense, so call Anne on 021 855 1509 for an initial discussion, then book a date. Remember that tiles have an appetite all of their own and slip related accidents are on the increase – take action now and make slip related accidents history.

Swimming Pool Tiles And Walkways No Longer Slippery When Wet!

If your swimming pool area has not been treated it probably is a liability because untreated areas are slippery. The risk increases dramatically when tiles are wet and that’s when slip and fall accidents happen.

Imagine walking around a pool that has smooth, slippery tiles – particularly when there is water splashed alongside, you have to be very, very careful. For some, these slippery areas are a huge liability particularly for younger childeren or if you are older.

Swimming Pool Tiled Areas
Swimming Pool Tiled Areas


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