Slippery Tile Anti-Slip Treatment Information

The anti-slip tile treatment increases the slip resistance of all types of tiles and smooth or floated concrete surfaces, reducing the likelihood of slip related accidents. delivers an anti-slip tile treatment (not a coating that will wear off) for tile, marble, terrazzo and concrete products. The treatment increases the slip resistance of all types of tiles and smooth or floated concrete surfaces, reducing the likelihood of slip related accidents.

Tiled Floors in the Leisure Industry
Tiled Floors in the Leisure Industry

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Now You Can Reduce Accidents Associated with Slippery Tiled Floors

Today in a legally led world, many lawyers now represent clients on a no win no fee basis. Do you really have an appetite for pointless litigation? By assigning you would have taken a major step in ensuring the proactive safety of everyone.

When you assign you would have taken a major step in ensuring the proactive safety of everyone at your office, hotel or business – inside or outside. The good news is that can undertake this work quickly and professionally with little or no disruption and immediate results.

You Can Reduce Accidents On Shiny Floor Tiles
You Can Reduce Accidents On Shiny Floor Tiles

When you assign you will benefit from:-

  • A slip resistant procedure (not a coating that will wear off) that is globally proved tried and tested
  • An easy way to reduce or eliminate risk associated with slip accidents in the workplace
  • An immediate solution guaranteed for two years (in an industrial/commercial environment) that also give you peace of mind
  • A best practice and proactive solution undertaking for your staff’s health and safety
  • Without staff you do not have a company. Given that everyone from employees, customers or visitors who walk on your tiled surfaces you definitely want to ensure their safety.

Today in a legally led world, many lawyers now represent clients on a no win no fee basis. Do you really have an appetite for pointless litigation? We are currently experiencing a significant increase in risk that you the employer must accept (health & safety). Remember, if you ever did go to court the onus would be on you to prove that you adopted best practice. YOU clearly have a responsibility to ensure that there is adequate safety for staff, visitors and the general public. Doing nothing and waiting until an accident occurs is unacceptable. Why wait for litigation when you could be indemnified because now you can make slip and fall accidents at work history!

Anti Slip Tile Treatment For The 2010 World Cup

If you are in Cape Town on 11th June 2010 you will be treated to the spectacle of Uruguay and France playing football as the second match of the 2010 World Cup starts – this is going to be an amazing few weeks for South Africa.

Anti Slip Tile Treatment For The 2010 World Cup Football
Anti Slip Tile Treatment For The 2010 World Cup Football

However for some it might not be quite so amazing, because along with the crowds there will unfortunately be a few not quite so happy people. These people would have slipped and injured themselves on wet slippery tiles at their hotels, in shops, bars, restaurants and around swimming pools.

Consider that many visitors coming from countries that endorse litigation (like the USA and the UK) this could be an opportunity to sue companies that have not taken adequate steps for the protection of attendees. Remember many of those law firms are offering a no win no fee engagement which will only fuel the ‘lets have a go – what do we have to lose’ attitude of some people.

With an increase of slip and fall related injuries and the fact that there are so many shiny, slippery tiles throughout our country, in the event of an accident you will have to demonstrate that you have taken enough precautions to ensure that people do not slip on wet slippery surfaces. Putting a yellow “A board sign” saying “wet floor” or “slippery surface” will not help either as if you do go on to litigation and not settle out of court it will be up to you to prove that you adopted best case procedures. Unfortunately many companies will soon find some themselves potentially involved in unwelcome litigation – but it doesn’t have to be that way!

How To Indemnify Yourself
from Fraudulent Slip and Fall Claims during The 2010 World Cup

But don’t worry, for most who have thought ahead and treated slippery surfaces recently, would have demonstrated that they care. They could prove that they took all appropriate steps to ensure the safety and well being of the general public.

Let’s also be realistic, anyone can slip in a shopping centre where there have been spillages or even in public areas – the difference here is that many people will see this as an opportunity to have an extra special holiday and as President Zuma mentioned in his New Years speech that 2010 was going to be the most important year for South Africa since 1994’.

There are many solutions ranging from anti-slip tape to some amazing and invisible solutions that ‘live’ in the structure of the tiles. This anti-slip solution was developed in the US many years ago, initially to help aeroplanes reduce the risk of aquaplaning off runways. Fortunately, with some minor adjustments to these products, today we can easily ensure that our businesses, hotels and Bed and Breakfast residences are safe so that our visitors and guests have a memorable stay for all the right reasons.

You need to phone Anne on 021 855 1509 (or email here) so you can show you care about your guests, just like the Mount Nelson, Courtyard City Lodge Hotel, Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa and the One8 in Green Point to mention only a few.

Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa

Slippery Surfaces? Non Slip frequently asked questions

The anti slip tile treament is an odorless clear chemical treatment which reacts within the glazed or hardened Tiled floor surfaces, including steel floated Concrete floors. The chemical reaction disolves the weakest silicate grains creating a pore in the surface of the tile, helping to eliminate slip problems when wet.

What is your Non slip coating for Slippery Surfaces?

“Non-slip tile treatment” is an odorless clear chemical and not a coating as many people would imagine. As a chemical treatment it reacts within the pores of most glazed Tiled floor surfaces, almost eliminating slipping problems when wet.

Slippery Tiled Surfaces In Public Areas
Slippery Tiled Surfaces In Public Areas

Once the treatment has created the pores, the solution is washed off and the area cna be used immediatly – no waiting or drying time.

Sounds Great, But How Do Slip Safety Applications Work?

“Non-slip treatment” or application creates pores in the sealed and glazed floor surfaces, treating them to just below the surface, thereby creating a microscopic suction cap at each pore. Under wet conditions a suction effect is created on the surface of the floor. Wet floors no longer pose a problem because the vacuum capacity of the floor is actually enhanced when exposed to water reducing the foot from slipping.

How Long Will Floor Treatment prevent Slippery Surfaces For?

Non-slip tile and concrete treatment as mentioned is not a coating, it therefore cannot be peeled off. It will remain effective for many years until the floor surface itself has worn down. We guarantee for a minimum of 2 years and up to 5 years subject to the correct cleaning.

Could It Change The Appearance Of My Floor?

“Non-slip treatment” will not detract from the floor’s natural appearance. Some fully glazed surfaces may have a marginal loss of high glaze shine, this being equal to the inevitable loss during normal wear and tear of the surface. Lightening of the floor surface may occur, and oxidation of dirt particles may be visible following the application, however this appearance will disappear after normal cleaning.

How Do You Maintain The Treated Floor Surface After Application?

Surfaces must remain free from grease and ingrained dirt to remain effective. It is therefore important that the floor is kept clean or hosed down regularly. It is recommended that the surface be cleaned with a long handled scrubbing brush using a good quality cleaner.

The Anti-Slip Application – where can it be applied?

A Solution For Home, Retail and Industrial Floors

“Non-Slip treatment” is applied continuously to the treated area until the floor becomes Non-Slip. The residual chemical is then washed off with water. “Non-slip treatment” can be applied to new or existing floors both indoors and outdoors. There are no noisy, dusty or smelly application procedures. The floor can be used immediately following the completion of the Non-Slip application.

What About Coatings For Slippery Tiled Areas?

Anti-slip coatings, similar to paint or varnish, are not recommended for tiled floors as the coating does not successively adhere to the surface and will rub off or wear off in time! If hygiene is important, bacteria build-up can occur around and under the coating.

Anti-Slip Benefits – A summary?

Simply put it significantly reduces and removes the problem of slipping when wet providing you with peace of mind at your business or home knowing that slipping is no longer a problem. “Non-slip treatment” will not attract surface algae, it will outlast all other types of Non-Slip surface applications and will increase profits by rendering working areas safer (less down time and injuries). It is also likely that there may be a reduction in insurance premiums including Public Liability Insurance Premiums.

When you assign you will be ensuring your environment be safer! Call 021 855 1509 or fill in the contact form here!